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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) Watch Movie Online, Set during the Social Conflict, three men do a search for a lot of money in gold. One of these simple men is Angel Sight, a cold blooded employed high converting who was employed by a man to come across his significant other who disappeared with the precious metal but he does not tell Angel Sight why he desires him. But Angel Eyes discovers while searching for the superstar and tells the man who employed him what he discovered. But he kills him so he will get the gold him self. The other two men are Tuco and a guy he phone calls Blondie. Tuco is a thug. Blondie carries him and improves him in for the incentive. However when Tuco is all about to be hung, Blondie will save him so they go off and do it elsewhere. After their hottest make an effort, Bloncie explains Tuco they have absolutely taken it as far as they can. He departs Tuco and does not provide him with his discuss. Tuco paths him down and can make walk across the wasteland. Later they come across a stagecoach full of men who definitely are dead wearing Confederate uniforms, Tuco discovers a man perishing who is usually the man Angel Sight wants. He tells Tuco regarding the gold but before he can tell Tuco where it is he stops out. So Tuco would go to get some fluids but when he arrives back, the man is killed. But Blondie is there and also Tuco believes the man told him where the precious metal is. So he nurses him returning to well-being. They placed on the uniforms and accept the stagecoach. They are available across certain servants who they believed were Confederate but were really Union so that they bring them prisoner and carry these to the Fort. Galilea Sight will there be, an police officer. When he discovers Tuco took the identification of the man wants, he has assumed he is aware of the gold. So he talks to Tuco and he “gets” him or her to simply tell him about the gold however Blondie is a single who understands where it is. So he creates Blondie to him but he is not scared. So he confirms to take him to in which the precious metal is. So the some of the reasons return to get the precious metal.┬áBut are able to they have confidence in one another.