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The Godfather: Part II (1974) Watch Movie Online, The continuation of the Godfather saga with 2 concentrates: the continuing storyline of the Corleone family members, and Michael particularly, and Vito Corleone’s ( Michael’s father ) backstory. Concerning the continuing Michael Corleone storyline, it is regarding six-and-a-half years since the affairs that worked out The Godfather. With the murders of the takes it other four New York City / South Carolina young families, the Corleone family members has unassailable regulation in New York City. The shift to Nevada moved easily and Michael Corleone adjustments a number of hotels and casinos in the condition. Sincere Pentageli, the man who operates Michael’s needs in New York City, relates to Michael, requesting if he will take out the Rosato Brothers because they are infringing on Pentageli’s turf and company needs. However, the Rosatos are supported by Hyman Roth, a company loved one of Michael’s along with a long- valuable time assistant of Michael’s father, Vito Corleone, and Michael refuses. An tried assassination attempt is after that performed on Michael’s existence, in his very own house . Michael investigates that is attempting to slaughter him, together with suspects there is a traitor in his family . In the meantime. Michael together with Hyman Roth fly to Cuba to finalise certain company offers right now there. The Cuban excursion shows all. In a story interwoven with the modern day, we see the backstory to Vito Corleone. From just how his mother and father and brother were murdered by a Wear in their home city of Corleone in Sicily, to his getting away, as a boy , to New York City, his fully grown life and his increase to Don Corleone.