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The Dark Knight (2008) Watch Movie Online, One year after the affairs of Batman Begins, Batman, Gordon, along with the innovative DA , Harvey Dent are going to introduction a panic attack on the mob by enthralling the suspicious tax preparer of the mob, Lau. Lau is abducted from his making by Batman and is discarded into the local jail. Lau unpacks the tricks which ends up in just about all the mob managers tossed behind bars. The frantic mob managers turn to the Joker, a sadistic psychopath with environmentally friendly hair style, altogether discolored teeth along with specialty purple align with. The Joker jeopardizes a arbitrator , the commissioner of law enforcement and attempts to slaughter the Mayor and Harvey. The operates of Joker provides anarchy and confusion of in the persons of Gotham driving Batman to showed up at conditions to which could usually are his most desirable examine to attack injustice and come around finer to the alright brand between hero and vigilante.