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Modern Times (1936) Watch Online Movie, The idea of the movie was apparently provided to Chaplin by a youthful reporter , who informed him about the development line method in Detroit , that had been turning its wage earners into nervous wrecks . In the movie , Charlie results in being literally jammed in the machine and , in a single of his best patches of cartoon invention , is battered and buffeted by a self-regulating feeding product introduced by his managers to save time and finances . Cured after his break down , he is arrested when he accumulates a red flag that has dropped off the back of a lorry , and functions down the street to go back it , exactly the same time as a left-wing demo comes around the corner . He matches ‘The Gamine’ in the back again of the police van , who has moreover been arrested for taking bread . Following that the theme is all about two nondescripts trying to find along in modern times . “Smile , however your center is breaching.