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Memento (2000) Watch Movie Online, Leonard Shelby has short-run memory space shortage because of a sprain he constant that had been correlated with the murder of his spouse. He takes note of his existence before experiencing the crisis, similar to being an insurance coverage guarantees investigator. He knows to tackle his sharpness shortage from working with someone named Sammy Jankis, a man or woman he inspected properly who moreover received short-run sharpness things. A few of these dealing process are to possess a program of where you should locate factors, speak with individuals real human if at all possible instead of on the phone call charges as to have the ability to appraise their correct intent, accept Polaroids and publish most cards, the most critical of them which he tattoos on his figure so they emerge as lasting. Leonard’s latest vision could be to obtain and destroy his wife’s murderer, who he assumes is someone named John G, a label which is tattooed on his figure. Through the course of a day, Leonard is supported during this vision by several people amazingly separate of them additional, which include someone named Teddy along with woman named Heather. Nevertheless, every time he complies with to them, he does not have any strategy who they are surely, the key reason why they are surely positive him considering that actually they are surely doing the job toward the equal end goal seeing that the guy.