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It Happened One Night (1934), In Miami , the attacked socialite Tess Andrews is stuck in the motorboat of her control father , the Wall structure Street financier Andrews , who has simply annulled her top secret marriage with the snobbish aviator King Westley . Without appointment , Ellie leaps overboard and swims to the seashore . Andrews hires a detective agent to find her and provides a 10 ,000 pounds reward for almost any information about his little girl . But Ellie pawns her keep an eye , buys a bit of clothing and a bus fine to New York City to meet her darling . She car seats side-by-side with the doubting reporter Peter Warne . However , when a pilferer steals her purse with her finances in a bus quit and Ellie is unable to report to the law enforcement , Peter recognizes and blackmails Ellie , requesting her to travel in addition to him . He assurance to protect her and in go back he would author her adventure to meet up with King Westley . Along their quest , Ellie falls passionate for Peter ; however when he vanishes from the resort where they are blocked and contacts her dad later , she assumes he was only considering the reward . In essence , love triumphs so the wall of Jericho drops .