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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Watch Movie Online, In 1988, in the world is a ravager exploring a useful orb on top of the killed society Morag. When Peter finds out the orb, he is sought after down by the Kree warship The Deep Aster of the strong Ronan the Accuser but he flees. Peter additionally dual exceeds his companion Yondu Udonta that places m. Peter Quill comes on the Xandar capital Nova Empire and is wanted by Ronan’s warrior Gamora and by the abundance job seekers Rocket along with the Groot. They are in prison by the law enforcement police officer Corpsman Dey and his men and delivered to the prison tail the strong Drax. Soon they discover that Gamora needs to orb to a seller for a large amount while Drax needs to kill Ronan, who slaughtered his spouse and little girl. They piece of land a master plan to get out of The Kyln to provide the orb and separate the finances. But nevertheless quickly additionally they discover that the orb keeps the infinity granite offering immensurable harmful energy to the operator. They self-proclaim Guardians of the Galaxy and choose to provide the orb to the market leader Nova Prime to ensure that it stays harmless from Ronan. However they are sought after down by Ronan and his right-arm Nebula that want to demolish Xandar and also by Yondu Udonta along with the Ravagers trying to provide the infinity granite to help to make plenty of cash. Who can maintain the strong orb?