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City Lights (1931) Watch Movie Online, A little travel residing in the huge town has an explicit impact on a couple he matches. The 1st is a rich man, who the stamp will save from mauling on his own throughout the rich man’s drunken stupor. Nevertheless, the romantic relationship between the rich guy so the stamp constantly shifts based on the drunken or sober state of the rich man. The 2nd is a poor blind blossom girl, who lives with her destitute grandma. The gentleness of the stamp towards her produces her be in love with him, as he is with her. By occasion, she assumes that he is a rich man. When he gets to know how that a costly operation can reinstate her eyesight, the tramp does anything he can to earn the cash to invest in the surgery, even though the result is that she will be able to find out that he is not the rich man she assumes and which by connection may make her alter her blind understanding of him.